Project Name

The Purple Daze Project

Project Timeline

After the project design confirmed, from clean up to install and finish took 3 days

Customer Location

Winter Park

Project type

This project encompassed a design; front, back and side yard clean up. Rock install around the water fountain, containers for an entryway with specialized irrigation, sod work, irrigation repairs, butterfly garden, tree install, landscape bed reconfiguration

Project Description

This was a really fun project. It was a lead from a friend and this homeowner was going through a phase of remodeling the home from new paint, new driveway, and landscaping. They were really changing the style of the home from an older Italian look to a more contemporary design. We removed larger overgrown and poorly placed plants exposing the home. She really liked the color purple and the husband liked azaleas (always fond of them when he watched the Agusta golf tournament).

We took their wants and added other plants that would best fit the space and their requests. We added gardenias, crypt mrytles, Mexican petunias, agapanthus, azaleas, and tibouchina trees. This new clean and modern design provides a sustainable landscape with year-round color. The Mexican petunias, gardenias, crypt myrtles, and tibochina trees will give great color and contrast during the summer/spring months while the azaleas bloom during the winter months. There will always be a flower and pop of color to bring life and vibrancy to their home.

Their yard was exceptionally large so it was crucial that the new landscape would provide great coverage and sustainability but at the same time bring a sense of delicacy to the area. By introducing a staple of Florida native plants to cover strategic areas, it allowed me to plant butterfly gardens and other flowering plants that soften and bring color to more strategic and high traffic areas around the home.

Snyder’s Landscapes was able to provide a comprehensive design and install to meet year-round needs with color, sustainable Florida native plants, and a modern look with a minimal maintenance load.

Purple Daze Synders LandscapesMaterials used:

*all other plants are 1-3 gal, unless noted

Tibouchina tree 30 gal


Sioux Crypt myrtle 30 gal 10 ft

Miami supreme gardenias


Rhododendron azalea

Red ruffle azaleas

Mexican petunia

Knock out rose

Butterfly garden

Fire Spike

fire bush

Bottle Bush

Mexican Petunia

Milk Weed




Sky pencil


Xanadu Philodendron

Flax Lily


2 tons of River Jack Rock