If you want your landscape lighting working at full efficiency — and you do, if you value your money — you need to stay on top of any issues that arise. Failing to do so can lead to even more expensive issues down the line. Here are a few of the most common issues we see with outdoor lighting.

Bulb Burnout

Bulbs suitable for use in outdoor lighting shouldn’t be burning out very often. High-quality LED bulbs, for example, are rated to last anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 hours. Despite this, bulb burnout is a frequent issue for many homeowners. What gives? Usually, it’s down to the way that your outdoor lighting is wired up.

If you find that you’re experiencing frequent bulb burnouts you should check for underlying issues like incorrect voltages or faulty wiring. This is something that’s difficult — and potentially dangerous — to diagnose on your own so make sure you call in a professional with the right knowledge and equipment for the job.

Bad Connections

Bad connections don’t just lead to inefficiencies, they can also be dangerous. When a connection is damaged it can lead to shorts, increasing the potential for a fire or shocking whoever is unlucky enough to touch it. The leading cause of these faulty connections is water damage. For that reason, you should always use waterproof connections for everything with your outdoor lighting. This will ensure that it operates safely and effectively no matter how much it rains or how often you irrigate your lawn.


Most outdoor lighting is built to stand up to the elements but long-term weather exposure combined with a lack of maintenance can lead to corrosion. The most common place for corrosion is the inside of the bulb socket. This corrosion makes your outdoor lighting much less efficient, leading to increased energy usage and a shorter lifespan. Make sure you check your outdoor lighting for signs of corrosion, especially if the bulbs seem dimmer than usual.

Bug Infestation

Unfortunately for you, bugs aren’t very picky when it comes to their living arrangements. Worst of all are fire ants. These pests will invade almost anything, including your outdoor lighting fixtures. If not corrected immediately there is a good chance that components can be damaged. Make sure you call in an exterminator right away if you spot fire ants or other invasive pests in your yard.

Could Outdoor Lighting Be The Cause Of Your High Electric Bills?

Many people are surprised when they get their electric bill and find that the cost has risen precipitously. Outdoor lighting is a common culprit here. No, outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be expensive, but if you aren’t careful it can bump up that electric bill by quite a bit. Some other issues that can contribute to high electric bills from your outdoor lighting are:

  • Using inefficient bulbs
  • Forgetting to turn off lights
  • Neglecting to perform routine maintenance

So, if you notice that your electric bill is higher than usual, make sure you check your outdoor lighting for inefficiencies. When in doubt, call in the professionals. They will be able to give you a more accurate diagnosis, helping you correct the problems with your outdoor lighting and saving you money in the process.

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