Can I Add Lights Without Breaking the Bank?

Owning a home often seems like a never-ending parade of expenses. However, it makes sense to invest in outdoor lighting to illuminate that amazing lawn and garden you have already paid for. So how do you cut costs while spending even more money?

It just might be easier than you think, especially when you think long-term. You should take your energy costs into account. Designing your lighting with your electric bill in mind will help you cut costs for years to come, and get you the lighting you want without breaking the bank.

Don’t Over Do it

It might be tempting to load on the landscaping in light, especially if you have invested a lot to make the outside of your home as inviting as the inside. However, it’s not needed and can actually cause more harm than good. Only use the light you need to sufficiently light the outside of your home for security and aesthetics. You can achieve this by positioning outdoor lights to illuminate the largest area possible. This will not only reduce energy costs but reduce light pollution and avoid lower visibility due to glare from too much light. Using shielded lighting will also allow you to use a lower wattage bulb by concentrating the light, and further reducing light pollution.

Timers and Motion Sensors

Do you really what and need your landscaping lit up like its high noon all night long? It is just not necessary. Consider using energy (and money) saving features like motion sensors and automatic shutoff and daybreak. Motion sensing lights are ideal for areas of your yard you need for security and to deter intruders. Its an energy-saving and light pollution reducing option to leaving them on all night long. You can also connect your landscape lights, including porch and walkway lights, to timers you can set to automatically turn on at dark and off in the morning.

Fixtures and Bulbs Matter

Selecting the right lighting fixtures and bulbs matters, especially when it comes to energy efficiency. Look for outdoor lighting fixtures that are Energy Star-rated. These certified products use 90% less energy and produce about 70-90% less heat than traditional models. The bulbs you use in them can also make a difference. You can use compact fluorescent or metal halide bulbs, which are the most energy-efficient, or low-pressure sodium bulbs, which give off the same amount of light with less wattage. You might also consider LED lights, which use up to 75 percent less energy than traditional light bulbs. These products may be more expensive up front, but you will save money in the long run due to their exceptionally long life and energy efficiency.

Soak Up the Sun

Take advantage of Earth’s natural light source during the day to light up your home at night. Solar-powered bulbs, floodlights, and fixtures soak up sun’s energy all day. The lights then kick in at night and recharge in the morning.

These helpful tips will always you to get the landscape lighting you desire while saving money, too. Now you just need someone to help you get the lighting project started. Snyder’s Landscapes has nearly 20 years of experience creating professional lighting systems and landscape design. Let our expertise bring your landscape lighting ideas to life. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.